Wondering if coaching might be for you?

Maybe you...

Have delivered your team workshop and would like to talk through how it went - both in terms of what worked well and what could be improved next time


Know you're the type of person who would benefit from having a friendly ear to talk through your workshop after it's taken place

How can coaching help you?

  • Review what went well

    Talk through the workshop you delivered and consider which parts went well. Celebrate your achievements!

  • Review what could be better next time

    Discuss what could have gone better, why it may not have worked well and what could be done differently next time.

  • Consider the outcomes of the workshop

    Talk through the outputs of the workshop, whether they were as expected or required, any surprises (good and bad) and how your team worked together.

  • Develop a plan of what happens next

    Think through what you need to do next to keep the momentum with your team, whether that's to continue discussions, carry out actions or have further team sessions.

Please note that these coaching packages are designed to support the online courses offered on the Imagine If online academy. Please only purchase these coaching packages alongside or after purchasing one of the online courses. If you're looking for coaching on a different topic then please get in touch via cat@imagineif.ltd to discuss your requirements.
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What you're buying

A one hour call to talk through what's most important to you in relation to the workshop you delivered to your team and your next steps

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  • Cat Hase


    Cat Hase

    There's a good chance I was once where you are now; we all had to start somewhere. Having been a team leader before I moved into team development I know how it can feel to need to run a session for the first time, the second time, the tenth time! What I can tell you is that I believe you can do it. With the right tools, knowledge and confidence you can deliver an excellent session and see change happen. I want to help you to do just that!

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I know from personal experience just how much coaching can help. Being able to talk things through and get them clear in your head is often the magic sauce that gets you ready for the next step. Give it a try...

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