As a team leader ...

... it's your job to make sure your team runs smoothly.

But you might currently be experiencing

  • arguments, back-stabbing and team members actively working against each other
  • whinging, moaning, unrest or frustration - from you or your team!
  • disengaged team members and lack of commitment to team goals

This leads to

  • poor productivity
  • poor performance
  • poor customer service
  • miserable team members
  • miserable you!

Imagine if ...

... your team could:

  • Trust & rely on each other

  • Feel proud, motivated and engaged

  • Work together and commit to team success

  • Support each other (without being asked)

As a result of this you'd get:

  • Better team results

  • Increased staff retention

  • Increased efficiency & effectiveness

  • Happier staff

  • Greater innovation and ideas

You need... Teams That Trust

Teams That Trust is a one hour course that teaches you how to run a half day trust building workshop with your team.

During the trust building workshop you'll work with your team to assess current levels of trust, agree how you'd like trust to be in the future and come up with an action plan of how to get there. 

Modules 2-6 of the online course run you through the slides and exercises that you'll use so that you know:

  • what to deliver
  • how to run the exercises
  • what questions to ask to ensure meaningful discussion

The full course includes:

  • 24 video lessons
  • 4 course materials to enable you to deliver the session
  • 10 bonus materials to help you make the most of the session and build your confidence

Course curriculum

Bonus material

In addition to the course itself you'll receive a variety of bonuses to help you build your confidence to deliver this and future sessions

  • Session planning documents

    Three documents to help you in the planning stages of your session delivery.

  • Editable documents

    Three editable documents to help you ensure action takes place after you deliver your team session.

  • Top tips documents

    Four documents to help equip you to be your best.

Building YOUR skills rather than buying them in

By learning how to deliver this session to your own team you'll also:

  • grow your skills as a leader and a facilitator
  • gain tools you can use again and again with your current and future teams
  • eliminate reliance on "bringing someone in" to help fix your team; you'll be able to do it yourself!
  • save yourself time by not needing to find an external facilitator and bring them up to speed on your team and culture
  • get a low cost solution to developing your team
  • deliver a trust building workshop which is 100% relevant to your team

Social proof: testimonials

Jo Page, Head of Housing & Sales, Tuntum Housing Association

"Found the content fun, inspiring and enlightening"

Jo Page, Head of Housing & Sales, Tuntum Housing Association

I was delighted to complete the online course – Teams That Trust. With it being on-line it meant that I could complete the course at a time and date that suited me and at a pace that I could set. I can see the advantages of delivering the workshop to my team and found the content fun, inspiring and enlightening. The workshop slides and templates were easy to use and invaluable in my preparation for running the workshop. I love the fact that you can re-play different parts of the course to help you fully prepare and I know this will assist me in creatively delivering the workshop to my team. The guidance that Cat gives is really helpful in allowing you to understand what you need to do at every step and you almost feel that she is “holding your hand” through. I feel totally confident in my ability to deliver the workshop to my team with the materials that are provided. I can’t wait to get started…..
Katy Snell, Group Head of People, Emerald Publishing

"Great for equipping me with tools to facilitate a session to build the trust in an evolving team"

Katy Snell, Group Head of People, Emerald Publishing

Having some recent joiners to our team had resulted in a shift in dynamics and so the ‘Teams that Trust’ course was a great for equipping me with tools to facilitate a session to build the trust in an evolving team. It was easy to understand and digest, but also great that I could revisit parts to refresh myself and help me to prepare to deliver this to my own team. The course was very practical and informative in helping me to understand exactly how to run the exercises to get the most out of it. The added benefit of completing the course was that it also helped me to think about my own behaviours and what I can do to encourage and reinforce the trust based on my own actions.


  • Cat Hase

    Cat Hase

    My mission is to equip you (team leaders, managers, leads, heads of, etc) with the skills, tools and confidence to be able to develop your own team. I want to teach you to run workshop, exercises and tasks with your team in order to see sustainable results and changes that you can make stick. My workshop sessions include plenty of interactivity and discussion so that you can give your team members a voice and agree actions together.


  • Why is trust important?

    Trust is the foundation that a team is built on. Once you have trust in place you can achieve understanding, open discussions, commitment, and team success.

  • How will trust help my team be cohesive?

    Once you have trust in your team, you'll begin to develop a whole host of other things like people talking openly, sharing their thoughts and being able to have team discussions where views are expressed and then a way forwards chosen that the whole team can get behind. This isn't a quick process and you'll need to continue to develop your team, but Trust is the base of all that can come next.

  • I'm scared to talk about trust with my team!

    Sounds like you really need to then! If you're scared because it might open a can of worms, it's probably a can of worms that needs opening and sorting through. It might be tricky at first, but stay calm, let people have their say and sumarise discussions. Think about the alternative; letting it fester until things get even worse...

  • Why would I want to deliver the session myself rather than bring someone else in to do it?

    You know your team best; you know who's quiet and who's going to be the first to speak up, you know who's confident and who needs encouragement. You can use this knowledge to make sure everyone has their say at the session. By delivering it yourself you can take the conversations forwards into your day to day work after leaving the session. You can refer back to the discussions and agreements and encourage your team to keep moving forwards.

  • I've never facilitated anything before!

    Don't worry! The main role of a facilitator is to deliver information, explain activities and encourage discussion. If you've ever been in a meeting, you've probably already used some of these skills. The role of a facilitator is not to have all the answers, it's to ask good questions and allow people to talk it through. The first time might be a little scary, but you'll be fine. And future sessions will get easier and easier!

  • What else might help me get ready to deliver?

    If you're the kind of person who likes to talk things through and really understand the detail then a coaching session may help you. A coaching session would consist of an hours session to talk through the content further, answer any questions you have and work towards getting you ready to deliver your session. Get in touch if this is something you'd be interested in. (Additional charges apply) Pop an email to

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